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August 23, 2014 at 4:07am
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The manga made Kyubey very emotive.

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The Amazing World of Gumball - The Move (Sneak Peek)

Gumball discovers the truth about Clayton’s martial arts skills.

It airs Thursday at 7/6C on Cartoon Network.

Don’t really like Clayton. Still hope this episode will be good.

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An anonymous person wanted this.

August 22, 2014 at 10:07pm
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Straw that broke the camel’s back.

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The manga was much less ambiguous.

The manga was much less ambiguous.

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After two weeks of no response, I think it is safe to assume that Frank Gibson is not going to send me a message back. I expressed my concerns over his writing in the comic, and was hoping to get the courtesy of a response.

And here I am, empty-handed.

I cannot help but feel disrespected. Nothing, is always worse than something. I do not like being brushed off like a non-entity. I am a fan. I care. Is that not enough?

My thoughts and feelings are not entirely my own. I know that there are at least a few other people who have the same concerns that I do.

So why was I ignored? Does my blog look too obsessive?

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My Pictures.

I don’t care if you upload my images to other places. I don’t mind if you upload my Gumball images to the fan wiki. It’s already happened before, and I don’t care. If I haven’t already uploaded myself, it means I have no problem if someone else does.

I know a lot of the gallery images there are in smaller and lower resolution than what I have.

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Two covers for issue six. First one by


Don’t know who did the second, though.

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More images from “The Move”

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Anonymous said: I just happened to realized that the word "waifu" is "wife" in Japanese. Otherwise, it's called "ワイフ".